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Udon Thani issan cost of living

udon thani Cost of living The cost of living in udon thani Thailand varies depending on your standard of living. The location you decide to live in also plays an important role in deciding the cost of living, making it more expensive to stay within udon thani city limits as compared to a smaller town like ban dung. The prices are calculated according to the currency, The Thai Baht.

Things to consider
when planing where you will rent our buy that affect cost are your mode of transport and accessibility to public transport with the thai police cracking down on drunk drivers leaving the car and taking a tuck tuck home outside the ring road every time could soon eat into your budget making that extra couple of thousand baht a month for a nice city centre apartment seem worthwhile and not just as far to stumble

one U.S. dollar is equal to 35 Baht.at the moment If you have plans for staying in udon thani, you may need to keep aside approximately 1000-2000 Baht every month for water and electricity. However, this amount may definitely vary according to the extent of usage. Using an air-conditioner too often may raise your electricity bills up to 3000-4000 Baht per month, which is still very affordable compared to U.S. and European prices.

its difficult to work out what a particular persons costs would be case buy case but one thing for sure even with the rise of the Thai baht udon thani and the whole of issan are far more resonabley priced than the tourist hot spots of Thailand giving you a lot more for your money but if your lucky enough to have a little spare cash and just need that certain something from home try British expat supplies our try British food shopping

phone calls, especially within udon thani, are quite cheap, costing around 1-2 Bat per call. international direct dialled calls are expensive, If you need to make a few international calls, you can purchase calling cards.i myself would purchase a Thai mobile on arrival around 1.300 baht for a cheap p.a.y.g phone and sim and dial cheap access numbers like 009 then your number well under 10 baht a minute to Europe Postage charges come to around 20 Baht to send a letter to Europe or the U.S., and around 5 Baht within Thailand. For sending a one-page international fax you will pay around 40 Baht.there might be some additional charges like local village post offices. and small towns where they seem to charge more for some reason ?

5 Responses

  1. It’s normally the end of the month when the Thai police crackdown on drivers, nearing pay day, short of money. You have included some useful information on living in Udon and with electric bills that high I’d better ration the air con at our village house when I’m there later this month.

  2. the electric can soon mount up if your not careful hoo don i know of a guy in udon thani that as 5 18000 btu air con.s running eek
    i like to sleep with it on sometimes when its really hot but normally the fan is just right for me
    they say alcohol make.s you heat intolerant so there must be a lot of expats hot under the collar around Thailand

  3. Alcohol certainly makes you sweat and doesn’t help in the battle against high humidity. I will be in Udon Thani next week and the air con system is going to run up a very large bill due in no small way to high alcohol intake. I’ve got a feeling the Udon weather is going to be very very hot.

  4. Sawadee Kha! I’m about to go to Pattaya and I’m sooo excited about it. Already got the flight to Suvamabhumi Airport and from there I’ll go travel around Phuket and of course stay a couple of days in Pattaya, I found your nice site on Google and it seems that you know a lot about Pattaya. Would you please give me some advice where to stay in Pattaya? I’ve read there are a couple of fantastic hotels in the main city and in the southeast… Thank you in advance!

    • things change day to day down there but all tastes are not the same maybe you could review a place for me enjoy your stay down there nice linking work

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